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SG Blocks, Inc. Delivers the Core and Shell of Single Family Home

Living Green in Jacksonville, FL

NEW YORK, May 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SG Blocks, Inc. ("SG Blocks" or the "Company") (OTCQB:SGBX), a premier innovator of construction solutions utilizing code-engineered cargo shipping containers, has delivered the core and shell of a single family home in Jacksonville, FL. The fit out and finishing will be completed on site by the owner's general contractor. The approximately 1000 SF structure was set in four hours despite very challenging access, narrow dirt roads and meaningful overhead tree interference on a 300 foot entry lane.

"More and more we are seeing people embrace the benefits of modular construction. This home is a prime example of how well it fits together with conventional methods. Our product helped unlock the value of a complicated piece of property quickly and efficiently," said Stevan Armstrong, President of SG Blocks.

The home was delivered in conjunction with ConGlobal, Inc., SG Blocks' partner.

"Delivering this product was a collaborative effort between our two companies. The client came to our depot inquiring about using containers to build his home and we brought in SG Blocks' expertise in engineering to make it work seamlessly," said Keenan Cooper, General Manager of ConGlobal's Jacksonville facility.

About SG Blocks:

SG Blocks is a premier innovator of commercial and private environments utilizing code-engineered cargo shipping containers. Servicing some of the world's biggest companies and government agencies, SG Blocks produces cost effective container-construction technology that exceeds many standard building code requirements. SG Blocks works with developers, architects, builders and owners to achieve faster execution, stronger high-value buildings, and greener construction. For more information, visit

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